Stultiens Project & Management – as an executive management contractor and an intermediary agent providing intermediary services – intend to provide professional business management & business consultancy solutions with an appropriate understanding of emerging service needs of our customers.

Performing in behalf of our customers requires a considerable experience and also an expertise of – to name a few – their strategic approach, organization, management style, culture as well as their processes and procedures. Most of all, comprehending and also knowledge of the industry sector is commonly a determining and binding aspect.

Considering our background in engineering, contracting, manufacturing and construction it is rational that SPM limits itselves to the extensive spectrum of the Tech Industrial Sector.

Stultiens Project Management is active in Thailand / Asia Pacific and The Netherlands / Western Europe, as an executive management contractor and intermediary agent providing intermediary services for
• Interim Management
• Business Development
• Project Management
• Business Counselling
• Recruitment

SPM is an executive management contractor and intermediary agent providing intermediary services in the following sectors;
industrial plants, utility, cables & pipelines, infrastructure, roads, heavy works, tunnels, railway, maritime & coastal, multi-story, skyscrapers & general buildings, sub-contracting
aircraft & aerospace, automotive, basic metals, building materials, chemicals & chemical products,
clothing wearing, computer electronics, hardware, defence, electrical & transmission equipment, food & beverage, furniture, decoration, glass products, industrial automation & services, Industrial biotechnology products, instruments measure & control, leather products, machinery & equipment, medical devices, metal products, nanotechnology, non-metallic mineral products, optical products,
packaging and containers, paper & paper products, petroleum refinery products & coke, pharmaceutical products, plastic & rubber products, printing, printing and reproduction recorded media, railroad equipment, semiconductors, shipbuilding, stone, ceramics & clay products, textiles, transport equipment, wood & cork products
Oil, Gas & Mining
coal & lignite, gemstones, precious metals, limestone, marble, gravel & clay, metal ores, minerals, oil, petroleum, other mining of quarrying, natural gas
Power, Telecom & Utilities
electricity, gas, heat, renewables & environment, sewerage, steam, telecommunications, waste collection & treatment, water & water treatment
Technical & Engineering Services
architects, engineering civil, engineering electrical, engineering mechanical / industrial, environmental services, maintenance, repair & operations, maritime service, real estate, software engineering, transport, logistics & supply chain
capital goods, consumables goods, department store, supermarket, malls, durable goods,
e-commerce shops, export / import, international trade and development, luxury goods & jewellery, sporting goods, wholesale