Stultiens Project & Management (SPM) solves your recruitment problem. In particular, on the request of existing relationships, we have added recruitment services. A perfectly logical step as often gaps were discovered when we provide consulting services such as interim management in we arrange the succession. With a recruitment based on the client organization – with its production factors, procedures, people and goals – we have a highly flexible approach to recruitment issues. Quick and effective results by focusing our services to customer needs and their optimal match with capable and motivated candidates.

SPM offers recruitment services in the following areas;
Expatriates Recruitment and International Recruitment
Recruiting – for foreign branches – of local expats or employees who are willing to live and work outside their native country.
Non Exclusive Recruitment
Recruitment based on a payment fee afterwards upon successful placement, “no cure / no pay” but also no guarantee.
Retained Recruitment
Exclusivity, preferred at key positions, partial payments at project acceptance, delivery of candidates short-list, final payment at appointment, and if within a period of 3 months that selected and appointed candidate is unsuitable, we will carry out the recruitment search once again (1x!) without any charge to customer.
In-house Recruitment (RPO)
In “Recruitment Process Outsourcing” client may subcontract some or all recruitment activities and we work in his name and (if desired) on the location of the client. Custom-made, possibly with access to our databases and systems. Outsourcing provides additional capacity and knowledge with the benefits of flexibility in cost and directly measurable return on investment. Our fee is based on an hourly rate, or a combination of hourly rate with a bonus per appointed employee.
Search and preselection
Only includes the preparation of the search profile and search candidates to record those on a unverified longlist and notify those interested candidates about their status and the recruitment process. The customer is responsible for the further selection. Advantages of this service (possibly) anonymity and usage of database selection. Reimbursement is based on hour rate or fixed price for a longlist
Interim Management Recruitment
Rapid, profitable business and management resources solutions – providing temporary independent executives and professionals for recovery management, turnaround management, functional management, transition management and management gaps; additional resources, flexible capacity and expertise / knowledge. Contracts are based on a daily fee.

SPM Recruitment services mediates;
• middle, senior and c-level positions
• BA/MBA-university level,
• minimum 5 years work experience,
• industry sectors: construction, manufacturing, oil, gas & mining, power, telecom & utilities, technical & engineering services and trade
• yearly salary level starts at $ 36.000.-

Openness and long-term cooperation

Through our method we score a high success rate. We introduce only candidates with whom we – in a personal conversation – have come to a match, both in profile and motivation. We propose only those candidates of which we are convinced that they are fit and have the required competencies. We are also extremely critical to our clients, if their requested profile, tasks / responsibilities and conditions; are unrealistic, inconsistent and / or risky. An approach aimed to avoid wasting valuable time, money and frustration. In recruitment you have to respect each other’s values and pursuit a long-term relationship that will provide benefit to all parties involved.

Long-term strategy for recruitment

Hiring new employees has a major impact on future business results. Strategic initiatives and acting also means that enterprises must have a vision of human resources, staffing and competencies needed to achieve the strategic goals. Also, potential candidates have plans for their future and want to be convinced of the profit of a suitable, next career move.
We are in favor of a clear recruitment strategy so that a company is able to appoint talented professionals and both effectively are able to start working on (future) opportunities and challenges.

Acquiring accurate leaders

Leaders create a company. Insufficient we are aware of the fact that their qualities are the present and the future of an organization and that the appointment of the right leader should not be a matter of compromise. Recruiting directors, senior management and effective members of the supervisory board is strategically one of the most important decisions of an organization. The appointment of (top) management has direct influence on the entire organization. Companies are looking for people who are dedicated, that can deliver demanded results and can secure continuity.
Sensible choices – based on insight – deliver success and minimize risks. Wrong choices at the highest level can be dramatic or even fatal, not only financially but also in terms of reputation and trust among stakeholders.
Wrong staff appointments at senior and middle management level may be limited the damage, but this is no reason to act less carefully. In recruitment is always the utmost care should be taken into account; to reduce business risk of failure and to prevent personal tragedies.

Recruitment Process

Our method is characterized by an approach in which quality, commitment and sustainability are key to achieve a long-term relationship where all parties can benefit.
In recruitment, the following phases should be completed;
1. contract
2. intake
3. set success factors and goals
4. search and preselection
5. selection
6. assessments (optional)
7. decision
8. employment contract
9. onboarding

1. Contract
A signed contract is a requirement otherwise we are not able to start the recruitment process and can represent our client.

2. Intake
For an accurate, complete concept and intentions of the requested terms of experience, skills and work style, it is essential to understand the company. Therefore, a meeting at customer location with the formal client (could be managing director and/or human resources manager) and the responsible senior manager of the new to recruit employee.
In such conversation we will discusses the current organization, competitive business position, sphere and culture, operational processes and expected strategic changes.
We review and talk over the job profile, the specific needs are assessed, like particular individual characteristic, job requirements, job descriptions, specific processes and activities, employment conditions.

3. Set success factors and goals
After the intake we will made the search profile, which we submit for verification. This search profile is the starting point and the basis of our recruitment activities. We prefer to discuss this in a follow-up to reach a final search profile.
In such a discussion, also further planning and coordination may be specified; schedule & reports, objectives, define role and task of company management and in-house human resource personnel and the sourcing method. Open and honest, we will inform about the success rate and the key success factors for attracting a the perfect suitable candidate. Again formal job requirements in the current tight labour market is insufficient and we consider our added value in understanding the strategic needs of the customer and advise them. The is the only way we can truly select the right candidate. At the end it comes all about to provide the right people for the organization.

4. Search and preselection
Depending on the type of job and customer requirements we will deploy one or more recruitment paths to enable candidates;
• database search
• internet advertising
• printed media advertising
• executive search or headhunting
Our job is to activate sufficient appropriate candidates, and keep those candidates motivated throughout the process. We pay attention to their aspirations and we advise and suggest both – candidates and clients – about particularities and potential pitfalls.
In this pre-selection phase, we create the “long list” of candidates which we consider at first sight appropriate. In a possible first telephone contact we would like to get a confirmation of the conformity and motivation. If so, in an interview this will get a substantive sequel. If both the candidate and we have a good sense about the match, the candidate will be placed on the “short list.” Weekly we report the client about status and progress of the recruitment and selection activities.

5. Selection
After the pre-screening, the handed-over short list of candidates needs to be evaluated and agreements need to be made of follow-up appointments.
Rejection should be with substantiated reason, so candidate(s) can be well informed. This progressive understanding will also be reflected in our continued selection process.
If interests, in consultation with the client we arrange the follow-up action, which can be
• we do a 2nd round interview, focused to obtain specific additional information,
• together with the customer (and other officials) will do the selection interviews,
• the customer completely, independently will do the selection, whereby we solely – if possible and desirable – will support the selection process such as making appointments,
• and – of course discreet – we or the client will have to execute a reference search; pre-employment screening.

6. Assessments (optional)
Optional an assessment survey, which can be incorporated at the predictive value in decision making. In the selection we use a combination of tests, interviews and personality profiles. This allows us to create a modest representation of the knowledge, experience, motivation and personality characteristics of a candidate. With assessments we proceed and are intended to give insight into the competencies of the candidate, such as; personality test, cognitive ability test, strategic competencies, leadership skills, operational skills and abilities in stakeholder management.
Supplying arguments for a match provides increasing security about the suitability of a candidate.

7. Decision
Of course, the final choice has to be made by the client. However, we as a consultant would like to be engaged as the sparring partner, serving clients in generating deliberate decisions.

8. Employment contract (appointment)
The goal is only achieved when all signatures are in an employment contract. Although the conditions are often known in early stage, there could be margins that needs to be determined. If desired, and possible disruptions occur, an appeal can be made and we may act as a mediator.

9. Onboarding
Finding leaders and capable staff is not in itself a guarantee for improving business results. Therefore, we help as SPM proactive, practical advice in the appointment process. Focusing on faster integrating of new employees into the organization.
The results of any assessment test may be helpful in the induction period. We align with the new employee and his manager about the training period, not only for a jump start but also for a better (future) performance. In our recruitment approach we aim to pursue a long partnership; comfortable and profitable for everyone.

Recruitment Services Thailand, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Western Europe
SPM offers recruitment services in Thailand, Asia Pacific area and the Western Europe
• Expatriates Recruitment and International Recruitment
• Non Exclusive Recruitment
• Retained Recruitment
• In-house Recruitment
• Search and preselection
• Interim Management Recruitment

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