Stultiens Project & Management BV (SPM), founded in 1993, based both in Amsterdam The Netherlands and since begin 2014 in Bangkok Thailand serving Asia Pacific area, is an independent consultant firm operating as a business partner. The field of work covers a broad range of technical projects and production management issues. With 22 years of experience SPM has developed a specific knowledge and approach aimed at result and reliability.

Owner / director Harry Stultiens is a business strategist and an experienced general manager. He is specialized in advising senior and top management in a wide range of businesses. His main focus is to initiate and implement business changes, developing an understanding of the local market and exploit business opportunities. A strong combination of project management and energy will yield results quickly.

Since 2014 Harry Stultiens is executive director of an Asian based business consulting firm, and is a facilitator and mediator in interim management and consultancy assignments in Thailand and other countries of the Asia-Pacific area. In this, the activities of SPM are not limited solely to provide and supervise – often with final responsibility – of local and expatriate associated interim managers and consultants but also connects Asia and Western businesses and companies through business development services. Harry Stultiens does not restrict his proceedings only to a role of an intermediary agent but still execute himself interim management and consultancy assignments in both Thailand – Asia Pacific area and The Netherlands.

Individual consultancy assignments are characterised by a high level of commitment and flexibility and a specific approach for the individual client and his business. With 22 years of experience SPM has access to an extensive network of individual highly qualified consultants. Based on this network SPM is able to organise the most effective team for larger projects and consultancy assignments. SPM also works in close cooperation with leading The Netherlands / Dutch and Thailand / Asian Pacific consulting and management firms.

SPM is specialised in technical project and/or production companies, private and public service organisations and (semi) government.
The management services of SPM are
• Interim Management
• Business Development
• Project Management
• Business Counselling
• Recruitment