Business Development

Business development services
Stultiens Project & Management (SPM) offers business development services in the following areas;
• Market Development & Sales Representative
• Sourcing & Trade Business Services (distribution, import/export)
• Strategic Alliances / Partnerships
• Business Brokerage (business broker services – buy/sell businesses)
• Business Funding / Raising Capital

Business development statement

Transforming business growth goals into reality, that is what business development is all about. In this Business Development goes beyond and is not limited to only sales. Sales should be primarily about closing deals.

Business development is a wide concept wherein the essence is building relationships. That may be with potential new business partners, such as clients, suppliers, cooperation’s, investors and funders. And in this, certainly not should be forgotten; the own internal organization and (other) stakeholders.

Localize and utilize relationships to lever new opportunities, create a base and infrastructure, evolve products and markets, facilitate and increase awareness and negotiate agreements for added value business concepts / partnerships. Business development is simply all those activities that contribute values to growth.

Besides building relationship the second core element of business development will be long term value. Long-term value is cash; the lifeblood of any business along with prestige. But business development is not about momentary or quick wins. Business development is about creating opportunities that continue to generate long-term value, creating an unrestricted flow. Business development is method consistently cultivating a business.

Therefore at its best, business development is executive program management of a given strategic policy, an business administration role that joins different disciplines as strategy, marketing & sales, purchase & trade, finance, legal and operational management.
All this and mentioned above is business development; to assure continuity and generate long-term business growth.

Our definition of business development is therefore
“Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets and relationships”

Levels of Business Development

To us business development has different levels, and those levels are;

• product,
• commercial and
• corporate.

* Product level
Disruptive (redesign and increase functionality) and incremental (completely new) developing products, services or technology.
* Commercial level
Starts with prospection; energetic hunting for new customers by cold contacting. A next step will be the setup of an sales organization; a channel network, agents, distributors, licensees etc. are options to be evaluate. Third could be the accomplishment at value chain level.
* Corporate level
The focus will be on business, financial and legal level with issues like make or buy, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures (JV), direct equity investment (DEI) and strategic alliances / partnerships.
Corporate business development concerns business portfolio analysis, corporate finance, legal matters like; contract, fiscal law and anti-trust law, change management, culture management.
Consideration and motives in corporate business development will be for example; time to market,
market entry barriers, patent protection, legal constraints, business or proposal complementation, cash flow and profit diversification, change management and cultural issues, and so on.

Business development at SPM
We at Stultiens Project & Management, are absolutely convinced that we are able to make a particular contribution and/or lead on your behalf business development activities as we have
• the attitude driven to deliver results,
• an entrepreneurial background,
• behavioural characteristics of a leader
• executive interim management experience,
• knowledge of commerce and markets,
• and an extensive network in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Our business is to develop and promote your business
• funnelling opportunities
• collecting and filtering strategic and market knowledge, recognizing and unlocking opportunities and justifications to business plans / business philosophy
• analysis reports of product, markets and potential clients
• identify needs of markets and customers (sourcing, import/export)
• promote business and the prospection as an sales representative
• commercial outpost to accomplish sales leads and/or contracts
• constitute and evolve synergistic alliances (strategic alliances, partnerships
• assist in setting up start-up companies and joint ventures
• assist in buying growth (business brokerage, business broker services, m&a)
• broker in capital raising and funding businesses
• networking; opening doors and making introductions
• offering education to staff and other stakeholders
• creating a structure and conditions necessary for continuity and growth
• mediate in occurred disturbances that could harm business.

SPM offers intermediate services between east (Thailand – Asia Pacific area) and the West (Europe, America) brokerage as an mediator in business deals such as sourcing, import & export, start-ups and partnerships, knowledge transfer, investments and raising capital.
In the following website pages we provide a more detailed explanation of our business development services;
• Market Development & Sales Representative
• Sourcing & Trade Business Services (distribution, import/export)
• Strategic Alliances / Partnerships
• Business Brokerage (business broker services – buy/sell businesses)
• Business Funding / Raising Capital