Business Counselling

Stultiens Project & Management BV stands for the trinity of
• competent, practical and concise advice
• effective operational executive management
• achieve development in growth and implementing changes
We offer our customers a wide range of distinctive Business Counselling & Consulting Services, expertise and our extensive network in

• Marketing & Sales Counselling
– Feasibility Studies
– Market Research (basic)
– Market Analysis
– Competitive Analysis
– Market Surveys (field)
– New Market Entry
– Local Sales Representatives

• Strategy & Governance Counselling
– Non-Executive Counselling
– Strategic Business Planning
– Strategic Scenarios & Prognoses
– Partnerships
– Business Location(s)
– Technology & Manufacturing
– Training By Enhanced Capability

• Human Resources Counselling
– Sourcing Executives & Staff
– Employment Regulations

• Operational Management Counselling
– Project & Product Engineering
– Interim Executive
– Solve Operational Obstacles

Supply Chain
– Channel(s) & Distributor(s)
– Outsourcing & Sourcing
– Purchase & Contract Mgt
– Commissioning QC & Expediting
– Logistics & Freight Forwarding

• Finance & Investments Counselling
– Capital Funds & Investors
– Assets & Investment Mgt
– Investment Research
– Emerging Market & Investments
– Mergers and Acquisitions
– Due Diligence
– Financial Restructuring
– Distressed Investments & Debts

• Business Services Counselling
– Business Setup & Registration
– Tax, Finance & Accounting
– Legal & Business Regulations
– Financial Modelling & Valuation

Marketing & Sales Counselling

• Feasibility Studies
The analysis and examination of a suggested business case to identify profitability, practical feasibility and in particular its feasibility within the budgeted cost and acceptable risks. In the occasion if a customer has already a study or a business plan we have the ability to provide a professional / second opinion. Feasibility research studies are recommended and will certainly be done for risk mitigation at a high risk profile when large amounts are involved (costs and financial investments), to accomplish extensive understanding on particular topics (additional to existing business plans)

• Market Research (basic)
A basic desk research study (elementary market research) for accumulating fundamental target market information and also some various other business details to research the impacts upon customers behaviour (B2C consumers and/or B2B customers) as well as the analysis of market qualities, trends/patterns as well as regulations and laws.

• Market Analysis (extensive)
An comprehensive desk research study to identify the attractiveness as well as the characteristics of a defined target market within a specific sector and specific area, and this market analysis might consist of several market analysis research studies such as; a SWOT market evaluation, market strategic approach, marketing modelling, marketing mix inquiry & definition, market quantity & potential, sector cost structure, B2B customer or B2C consumer analysis, risk surveys, product research studies, marketing tests, effectiveness tests of advertising and testing of social media applications and so on.

• Competitive Analysis
Report(s) of an extensive analysis of competitor profile summary might consist of the competitor’s history, sales outcomes, financial resources, products, main markets and customers, facilities, key employees, and strategies and market approaches. Additional an SWOT assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of these main, present and prospective, competitors will certainly be presented as an appropriate framework and can be input for its very own, effective and efficient method of strategy formulation, execution, monitoring as well as practicing modifications.

• Market Surveys
An essential – specific and extensive – marketing field study, survey of interviews: phone, meetings, mail, location and area, visiting experts and (new) contacts after some executes desk research. A market survey concentrates on comprehending the spending qualities as well as buying power of the potential customers, customer experiences and the marketing mix (7Ps, 4Ps: price, place, product + promotion and 3 extra; process, people and physical evidence) of a customer business, its future desired profile and marketing mix, all within the business geographical relevant marketing area.

• New Market Entry
The strategic planned approach of serving a (new) market (B2C or B2B) within a particular sector and particular market area, supplying products and/or services and promoting and distributing those in in the new target market. Growth aspects will be for example; viability of new market entry, feasibility of market access and perspective, potential competition, feasible and launching customers, manufacturing and supply chain distribution expenses, local representation and facilities, possible barriers (regulations, trade obstacles), local expertise, legal and financial obligation, possible grants, price localization and import/export duties.

• Local Sales Representatives
Interim or temporary – for a fixed period or a continuous contract / retainer – sales agent or business development representative providing marketing & sales activities, such as; local market research, leads generation, sales prospecting and tender preparation (bidding procedures), contract negotiations, promoting (our customer’s) businesses by local presence. We also can initiate and prepare minimal sales representations and also we can manage and operate as an a full cost effective local representative sales office focussing on market entry and/or just fast access to large accounts. Obtain your marketing & sales activities started, build and expand local & aboard business on an forceful and affordable method by hire us as a local sales representative/agent.