Interim Management

SPM Stultiens execute interim assignments and is an intermediary agent providing intermediary services in Interim Management and in particular in
Executive Interim Management
Interim CEO, as statutory managing director
Recovery Management (crisis management)
Crisis situation, save continuity and values of a business
Turnaround Management
Urgent and high impact, planned strategic change of a business and its organisation
Transition Management
Less urgent and less impact, mostly executing a change of a division or department
Functional Management
Mainly operational management, leading a section or division
Implementation Management
Executing a change and/or improvement, after a recommended solution
Project & Program Interim Management
See project management page; leading capital investment & building, innovation & development strategic & political commerce projects
Gap Interim Management
Additional resources, flexible capacity and expertise / knowledge
Start-up Management
Leading new (uncommon) activities

SPM Stultiens Interim Management & Consultancy Services offers Executive Interim Management, if desired together with affiliated interim managers, who surely are able to deliver lasting outcomes, as they we all are;
• very experienced, C-level executives
• with specialist competence and also
• a proven performance history
• hired on a task basis to solve issues
• managing the everyday operations
• fulfilling these line administration duties
• and also handling a duration of conversion or crisis situation
• for this period interim managers are accountable for executing a structured and scheduled change • on a contract base that will certainly be delimited by time and also will be defined goals to accomplish
• in this interim management provides a much more cost-efficient, functional and result driven solution compared to management consultancy.

Interim Management is the fast providing of very experienced ‘hands on’ executives for a specified time period making it possible for companies to execute change plans, fill unforeseen gaps in a firm, restructure the business, turn-around underperforming tasks or divisions or manage and support an important project. It is significantly recognized as one of one of the most flexible as well quick as effective resourcing options for instant accessibility to leading skills and a powerful alternative to standard resourcing and also working as a consultant options.

Harry Stultiens and his associates are interim managers; seasoned, highly qualified, hands-on practical executives with the abilities and capabilities to deliver a prompt and enduring impact.

All professional interim managers have an proven track record of taking initiative, are organisationally mindful, with exceptional project management, interaction and communication skills. Interim Managers vary from advisers and consultants due to the fact that they take executive obligation with a clear mandate to act upon the customer’s behalf. Interim managers are usually smartly over-qualified for the interim project assignments they carry out, as well have an considerable practical and sector experience. They have actually effectively addressed comparable problems to those encountered by their customers.

The majority of the executive interim managers will have more than 20 years of sector working experience and some years on C-level and beyond, and – most important – have actually chosen to become an independent interim manager as a profession, that enables them to deploy their knowledge, skills as well their understanding across a variety of business settings.

Interim Management is today commonly acknowledged as a versatile business solution, fast to execute and also extremely efficient in various situations. And as all businesses, have to handle issues and problems outside their existing capacity and/or their capabilities and would need to change and to improve on a high frequency than ever before, there is a growing demand for interim managers coming from basically all industries.

An interim manager might assist in a period of high impact recovery, planned transition or significant improvements is needed while assuming that the functions could not be executed as an obligation of any of the permanent directors. Interim management is mostly a combination of “unusual, high-risk and unpleasant” temporary managerial work.

Interim management solutions unite operational management, planning and implementing business changes and/or improvements, which can be classified – but is practice it will be a merger of several management methods – such as;
• Executive Interim Management (interim CEO, statutory managing director)
• Recovery Management (crisis management)
• Turnaround Management
• Transition Management
• Functional Management
• Implementation Management
• Project & Program Interim Management
• Gap Interim Management (expertise & capacity)
• Start-up Management

Interim management can be an appropriate business solutions in unique situations. Some examples, whereby interim management can be applied, are;
• Advise, plan and implement strategic changes and business plans
• Underperforming businesses or divisions
• Going through a merger and acquisition or de-merger
• Optimising, downsizing, or restructuring
• Embarking into a major program of cultural and organisational change
• Recover failing projects and/or programmes
• Implementation projects of new strategy, procedures & systems
• Business development projects, expansion into a new market
• Factory and business relocation
• Start-up or closing-down of a division
• Setup and managing new activities or an divergent project
• Managing investment project
• Sudden loss of a senior executive
• Filling gap when a permanent position is hard to fill
• Overstretched management
• Managing rapid growth
• Add management capacity and knowledge to existing management, differentiate in focus
• Consulting when need of (second) opinion
• Planning and improve marketing & sales
• Increase of labour productivity
• Enhance accounting, lack of management information or solve backlogs
• Filling gap when a permanent position is hard to fill
• Financial management threat to profitability, lack of cash, solvency
• Solve management conflicts, lack of acceptance / support
• Change high staff turnover or improve HRM human resources policy / execution
• Operate and reorganization under the bankruptcy law
• Add expertise due to inadequate management teams (internally focused, low result)
• Improve communication and management information.

Firms facing change and need for improvements, must move promptly and manage the risks, yet the resources of seasoned change and improvement managers are tough to locate, costly and concessions commonly result in postponing resolution of crucial issues. Qualified managers are limited and the conventional recruitment and employment methods are too slow as well come with a high price tag. Interim Management solutions as Stultiens Project & Management provides can accelerates the process and guarantee that a high level experience interim manager can be contracted quickly.

Thus the primary advantage of interim management of SPM is a business result caused by instantaneous access to high calibre management executives. In this customers do state, that interim managers add value beyond the scope of the interim assignment.
In this the following benefits of interim management are cited:
• as mentioned above; speed of availability of high calibre management executives
• results-driven, hands-on realization management
• prompt lasting outcomes
• new viewpoints
• focus on goals & explicitness
• objectivity (neutral) & independency (not side tracked by firm politics)
• authority & experience (overqualified) gives leads to effective performance
• competence in change, advisory and implementation management
• project dedication, control & succession follow-up (securing continuity)
• flexibility and scalability in capacity and access to knowledge
• includes value adding to organization development
• adjustable contracts
• existing management could be exempted and spared (lasting contract and position)
• high value for money

Stultiens Project & Management provides Interim Management, more specific;
• Executive Interim Management (interim CEO, statutory managing director)
• Recovery Management (crisis management)
• Turnaround Management
• Transition Management
• Functional Management
• Implementation Management
• Project & Program Interim Management
• Gap Interim Management (expertise & capacity)
• Start-up Management

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